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Year-round Magic for the Magic Makers!


New Jersey. July 20, 2021: Cherry Hill Programs, the market leader in holiday and souvenir experiential photography, announces the creation of multiple employee programs to bring the celebration behind-the-scenes, increasing the employee experience to new levels of magic.

Cherry Hill Programs developed and introduced three new programs to celebrate its talent within – The Magic Hero, The Learning Hero, and The Employee Spotlight. While each is unique, they all acknowledge and applaud employee efforts to make memorable contributions for their coworkers, clients, and partners.

The Magic Hero program recognizes and celebrates the tremendous direct efforts of front-line talent in the creation of lasting memories for our experiential photography Guests. Magic Heroes identify and applaud staff members monthly who are nominated by their peers for their inspirational, encouraging and collaborating work ethic and spirit. Each Learning Hero takes immense pride in delivering souvenir and holiday photography that capture the special moments that last a lifetime. Each Magic Hero serves to recognize the warm, welcoming faces who go above and beyond every day to make each experience magical at venues across the country. These Heroes bring Cherry Hill Programs’ mission to reality.

The Learning Hero celebrates employee achievements to further their learning and innovation through professional development opportunities provided by CHP. The Learning Hero weekly recognizes employees who inspire and empower others to grow through improvement while simultaneously showing future candidates why they want to work at Cherry Hill Programs. The Learning Heroes program appreciates employees who have dedicated their time to improve themselves to further the company’s innovative, experimental mission. They lead and inspire by constantly expanding their skills and knowledge that inevitably impacts the company’s future by increasing creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

The Employee Spotlight highlights corporate employees who bring the magic to work every day! Cherry Hill Programs has taken this opportunity to appreciate employees by recognizing their hard work, talent and dedication that facilitates continued success within the organization. Cherry Hill Programs believes exceptional experiential photography is achieved through incredible customer service, teamwork, learning and innovation. The Employee Spotlight program showcases an employee monthly who is nominated by executive leadership and voted on by their peers. The employees chosen to spotlight are inspirational, encourage innovation and collaboration, and work hard behind the scenes deliver souvenir and holiday experiential photography solutions to make every experience magic.

Tracie Mileski, Director of Human Resources, comments, “We have so many exceptional people on our team. I’ve never work with so many amazing individuals who are genuinely committed to helping each other. We try so hard to make the employee experience, as magical as the customer experience. Personally, I think we nailed it!”

Mel Dunn, our first Employee Spotlighted, remarks, “Having grown up through the ranks, I can honestly say many of my coworkers are truly friends and family. We enjoy what we do, and it shows! The team is extraordinary. They are vested in creating magic and having tons of fun along the way.”


Cherry Hill Programs delivers unforgettable memories, captured with high-resolution digital images that Guests cherish year after year. In partnership with famous landmarks, attractions, signature shopping centers, and hotel destinations across North America, Cherry Hill Programs delivers millions of experiences annually with iconic backdrops and cityscapes as well as authentic holiday traditions with Santa and Bunny for children and families everywhere. Cherry Hill Programs is the industry-leader in experiential photography, providing virtual, digital, and live holiday and souvenir photography experiences in hundreds of venues across North America. Through a combination of proprietary reservation software, innovative technology, accessible photo download portals and complete photography solution implementation from recruiting and training quality holiday characters, local leadership, and field staff - our mission is simple: to bring magic to every experience.

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Cherry Hill Programs was acquired by Keystone Capital in December 2015 and Photogenic Inc. was acquired in May 2019.