Refer-a-Santa Program

Please complete the form below, and upon successful hire of your recommendation, we will send you a $100 check or donate to a select charity.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit!



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Cherry Hill Programs will provide rewards that lead to the successful hiring, onboarding and retention of qualified Santa positions.

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for bonus compensation, employees must meet all the following requirements:

  • A reward will be awarded for Santa referrals that lead to successful hiring, onboarding and retention for the duration of the holiday season.
  • Payouts will be processed & delivered within 90 days after the season ends.
  • The referred Santa must not be a previous employee of the Company, including Holiday and Souvenir divisions.
  • Employees eligible to receive the bonus must also remain in good standing and employed at the time of the payout.
  • The appropriate documentation must be submitted to the Payroll/HR Department to be processed.
  • Payments will be subject to all applicable payroll taxes.
  • Questions regarding Santa referrals can be directed to