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The Future of Experiential Photography Unveiled: Revolutionary Technology and Digital Integrations to Spike Partner Marketing Initiatives

New Jersey. June 30, 2021: Photogenic, the Souvenir division of Cherry Hill Programs, announces pivotal breakthroughs in Guest engagement with new eCommerce support, an amazing Partner Portal resource and video integration that is sure to catapult Partner marketing initiatives and enhance the Guest experience.

Photogenic expands the popular video platform known as ePostcard by providing the digital experience to Guests at partnering locations completely complimentary. At zero cost to the Guest, this technology provides instant access to view photos, purchase images, create a free video to commemorate the experience and directly share to social media platforms. From a tablet or mobile device directly on-site, Guests can choose how to use the professional photography captured by Photogenic that completes their tourist experience – the perfect souvenir. Schedule a time to discuss ePostcard at your venue or retail location.

The immediate access to quality photos and direct share feature provides Photogenic clients the opportunity to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to websites organically. Each photo and ePostcard video shared equals an additional opportunity to connect with unique visitors. Through their Guests, Photogenic Partners receive access to content, collect UGC (User Generated Content), and increase customer engagement via social media sharing and free video – the ultimate marketing strategy.

Along with this recent launch, Photogenic announced the new Partner Portal – a remote dashboard that provides partners detailed reports, campaign management and real-time analytics such as sales, conversion rates and engagement. To learn more about the Partner Portal, click here.

John Barbieri, Chief Strategy Officer at Cherry Hill Programs, shares, “It has been incredible to see the evolution of ePostcard from a site fulfillment product to instant, free Guest gratification. I was not surprised about how much it enhanced the Guest experience or how powerful it is as a marketing tool. I was, nevertheless, pleasantly surprised to see a consistent increase in conversion rates and per caps. It really is the perfect addition to an onsite retail photography program at any location – a mutual benefit for the client and consumer alike.”

In summer of 2020, Photogenic began testing the new technology enhancements. After a year of quality testing, Cherry Hill Programs’ Souvenir division is satisfied with the results and proud to announce the future of experiential photography. Recently launched with a control group of partners, the program has proven to have a positive impact on the CX (Customer Experience) and contributed to an increase in revenue for Photogenic’s clients.

CEO of Photogenic and Cherry Hill Programs, Steve Craig, states, “While our core focus will always be on exceptional service, a major investment over the past year has been creating the perfect technologies to enhance the Guest and Partner experience while protecting and growing revenues. Between the additions of subtraction technology, the My Photo product, new eCommerce sites, the Partner Portal and ePostcard, it is easy to see why we have experienced such tremendous growth over the past year despite the challenges of our industry. It is through those challenges that we improve through learning and innovation, and I’m inspired by future opportunity that will navigate where we go next.”

With nearly twenty (20) years of history serving venues across the United States, Photogenic is a staple known as the top souvenir photography in the industry. Providing photography solutions to venues and tourist attractions ranging from major observation decks and cruises to national parks and zoos has been the foundation of the company and the success of its history. Acquired by Cherry Hill Programs in 2018, Photogenic was inspired by their combined power which led to the vision and implementation of groundbreaking imaging technologies emerged, paired perfectly with the high service standard and legacy knowledge from years of industry experience.

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Cherry Hill Programs delivers unforgettable memories, captured with high-resolution digital images that Guests cherish year after year. In partnership with famous landmarks, attractions, signature shopping centers, and hotel destinations across North America, Cherry Hill Programs delivers millions of experiences annually with iconic backdrops and cityscapes as well as authentic holiday traditions with Santa and Bunny for children and families everywhere. Cherry Hill Programs is the industry-leader in experiential photography, providing virtual, digital and live holiday and souvenir photography experiences in hundreds of venues across North America. Through a combination of proprietary reservation software, innovative technology, accessible photo download portals and complete photography solution implementation from recruiting and training quality holiday characters, local leadership and field staff - our mission is simple: to bring magic to every experience.

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Cherry Hill Programs was acquired by Keystone Capital in December 2015 and Photogenic Inc. was acquired in May 2018.