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Pivotal Promotions Announced to Lead Photogenic Field Initiatives


New Jersey. June 3, 2021: Photogenic, Cherry Hill Programs’ Souvenir Division, announces Brittany Ashby promoted to Senior Regional Manager and Crystal Ramirez named Regional Manager. Effective, May 31st, Ashby and Ramirez embarked on their new journey to drive the continued success of on-site souvenir photography solutions.

Claire Cummings, Photogenic’s General Manger, shares, “I’m very happy to welcome both Brittany and Crystal into their new roles. Over the years, they have shown their dedication to our mission and focus on always going the extra mile. Both joined our team as photographers: Brittany captured moments that last a lifetime at the Arch in St. Louis, Missouri and Crystal began her career at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. “

Cummings continues, “As they [Ashby and Ramirez] have grown with the company, they’ve both played important roles toward our success in providing experiential photography solutions to venues across the country in the tourism and attraction industry. I look forward to seeing what they will help us achieve in the future.”

In her ten-year career with Photogenic, Brittany Ashby continues to prove to be our top Regional Manager within the Souvenir division. Brittany’s focus on ensuring excellence in operations across the board is unparalleled. She oversees several operations in the Western and Midwestern regions, including Missouri, Arizona, Hawaii, and Simi Valley and Northern California.

Brittany comments on her professional experience: “Through Photogenic, I have been able to travel to some of the most beautiful places the United States has to offer. I have gotten to meet amazing people from all over the globe and listen to their stories of what brought them to the sites where we operate. More than anything, I appreciate the relationships I have built with my team and co-workers, as well as watching the growth and development of Operations Managers I’ve worked with in the field. I would not be able to do anything without my fantastic team. I look forward to the new challenges and opportunities that come along with my new role as Senior Regional Manager!”

In her new role as Senior Regional Manager, Brittany will continue to support existing locations amidst her regions across the country, while supporting additional initiatives within the company and training new and existing employees into leadership roles.

Crystal Ramirez, previously Senior Operations Manager leading photography experiences at The Alamo in San Antonio, has worked with Photogenic for nearly nine years. Crystal is responsible for setting goals at each venue location she leads and is responsible for providing her field teams with the tools they need to be successful. In this new position, Crystal will oversee all of Texas, Nevada and San Diego.

Crystal reflects on her journey by sharing, "I am very excited to start my new role as the Regional Manager of the Southwest Region. Photogenic, and Cherry Hill Programs since the acquisition in 2018, has given me many opportunities to travel and launch souvenir photography at new locations. Working for a Company that is constantly growing and creating memories for millions of visitors is very fulfilling. Going above and beyond for our visitors has always been a passion of mine. I have met so many great team members and customers throughout my professional journey. Communication, reliability and hard work has proven to be the key to great success for me, and I am very committed to furthering the future success of my team and the Company as a whole."

Brittany and Crystal’s focus on ensuring excellence for every customer, at each location they manage, distinguishes these field leaders as assets to the Souvenir division and Cherry Hill Programs in its entirety.


Cherry Hill Programs delivers unforgettable memories, captured with high-resolution digital images that Guests cherish year after year. In partnership with famous landmarks, attractions, signature shopping centers, and hotel destinations across North America, Cherry Hill Programs delivers millions of experiences annually with iconic backdrops and cityscapes as well as authentic holiday traditions with Santa and Bunny for children and families everywhere. Cherry Hill Programs is the industry-leader in experiential photography, providing virtual, digital and live holiday and souvenir photography experiences in hundreds of venues across North America. Through a combination of proprietary reservation software, innovative technology, accessible photo download portals and complete photography solution implementation from recruiting and training quality holiday characters, local leadership and field staff - our mission is simple: to bring magic to every experience.

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Cherry Hill Programs was acquired by Keystone Capital in December 2015 and Photogenic Inc. was acquired in May 2018.