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New Jersey. March 1, 2023: Cherry Hill Programs, the leader in experiential photography, launches the first leadership cohort program named The Magic of Leadership, designed to prepare the next generation of leaders. Invested in people, CHP developed this program because of their commitment to improving through learning and innovation. Knowing that growth starts within, Cherry Hill Programs is dedicated to identifying internal talent that build careers today while creating future leaders to pave the way to the continued innovative future.

The Magic of Leadership program is a six-month cohort experience designed to generate leaders through virtual learning in partnership with LinkedIn Learning, executive mirroring, peer advisory, and mentorship with Cherry Hill Program's Executive Leadership Team. The intensive course includes learning objectives such as building relationships with interdepartmental teammates, understanding and monetizing leadership styles and styles of others, discovering individual leadership capabilities through group, partner and individual activities and projects and reflection exercises to explore their learnings and apply insights to everyday professional responsibilities.

Pilot cohort participant, Joshua Nepomuceno, District Manager, Holiday Retail Operations, said, “Being part of Cherry Hill Program’s leadership cohort program is such an enriching and worthwhile experience. In this program not only do you learn about concepts of leadership, but you also learn how to apply them in your daily work which furthers your ability to lead efficiently and effectively." He continued, "This program challenges your skills in a supportive environment, while at the same time, it allows you to collaborate with other participants to gain insights into their leadership styles and perspectives. Overall, this is an amazing learner-centric program that effectively develops its participants.”

Leah Kostencki, Regional Manager, Photogenic Inc., current cohort member said, “Participating in the leadership cohort program at Cherry Hill Programs has been a great experience. They have considered everything that goes into leadership from a basic understanding of KPIs [Key Performance Indicator] to how to interact and build relationships with your team. It’s fantastic to work with others throughout the company, and to gain their knowledge in an open learning environment. It’s evident that there is a dedication to build leadership and I am thrilled we have a program to do that!”

Cherry Hill Programs is committed to improving through learning and innovation and knows there’s no better place to make change than starting within.

“We want our leaders to find the strength and confidence to master their current role while preparing them for the next leadership opportunity and the ability to persevere through challenges ahead. While working to cultivate a high-performance workforce, we strive to create a servant-leadership culture that values lifelong learning and results in increased productivity and efficiency,” shares John Barbieri, Chief Strategy Officer.

After completing the six-month program, participants will walk away with a deeper insight to departmental processes, relationship building and nurturing skills, improved collaboration and communication strategies, increased confidence and will leave behind a footprint on Cherry Hill Programs’ company culture of continued innovation. CHP's mission statement is simple: to bring magic to every moment, and they plan to make that mission the focus of The Magic of Leadership cohort program well beyond the duration of the initiative to build careers and bring the magic for many years to come.

About Cherry Hill Programs

Cherry Hill Programs captures moments that last a lifetime with high-resolution digital images that are cherished year after year. In partnership with famous landmarks, attractions, signature shopping centers, and hotel destinations, Cherry Hill Programs is the industry-leader in experiential photography, providing virtual, digital and live holiday and souvenir photography experiences in venues across North America. Through a combination of proprietary reservation software, innovative technology, accessible photo download portals and complete photography experience implementation - from recruiting and training quality holiday characters, local leadership and field staff - our mission is simple: to bring magic to every experience.