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[Cherry Hill, NJ, SEP 01, 2023] – Cherry Hill Programs, the leading provider of experiential holiday and souvenir photography, is proud to announce a partnership with the renowned SickKids Foundation in support of Hospital for Sick Children to enhance the lives of children and families facing health challenges. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to creating magical moments and offering support where it matters most.

Cherry Hill Programs is excited to partner with the SickKids Foundation to further its mission of spreading joy and wonder. By aligning with SickKids, Cherry Hill Programs aims to contribute to the unwavering dedication of children's well-being. This partnership symbolizes a commitment to leveraging expertise, innovation, and resources to create unforgettable moments for children and families facing challenging circumstances. Together, Cherry Hill Programs and SickKids are embarking on a journey to make a positive impact in the lives of those who need it most. Through this collaboration, the two organizations are united in their goal to uplift spirits, enhance experiences, and foster hope for the future.

“SickKids Foundation is proud to partner for the first time with Cherry Hill. We are grateful that they will be raising funds for SickKids through their annual Santa and Bunny programs in their locations across Canada. We’d also like to thank the families that will be participating in the programs for supporting SickKids. By joining SickKids, Cherry Hill and their supporters are helping us push the boundaries of what’s possible in children’s health. Thank you, Cherry Hill for your leadership and support!”
– Stefanie McPherson, Vice President, Corporate and Community Partnerships, SickKids Foundation

About SickKids Foundation
SickKids, a globally recognized center of excellence in pediatric healthcare, is dedicated to placing patients and their families at the heart of its services. With a comprehensive array of clinical departments, SickKids tailors its healthcare delivery to meet the unique needs of each patient. The institution's focus extends beyond medical care to encompass the overall well-being of families. Family Spaces provide recreational opportunities and programming to brighten the hospital experience, while services such as Interpreter and Spiritual & Religious Care ensure inclusivity for families from diverse backgrounds. SickKids deeply values family involvement, working closely with the Family Advisory Network to continually refine and improve its services.

About Cherry Hill Programs
Cherry Hill Programs is synonymous with capturing the enchantment of special moments. The company is at the forefront of experiential holiday and souvenir photography, operating in collaboration with iconic landmarks, attractions, and premium retail destinations across North America. Through a seamless integration of exclusive reservation software, cutting-edge technology, user-friendly download platforms, and comprehensive photography services, Cherry Hill Programs' mission is clear: to infuse magic into every experience.

Cherry Hill Programs
Chris Landtroop,
Vice President | Marketing and Communications

SickKids Foundation
Stacey Robinson,
Director | Cause Marketing and Activation