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Cherry Hill Programs Announces Claire Cummings as Vice President of Souvenir Division


New Jersey. July 9, 2021: Cherry Hill Programs, the market leader in experiential photography, announces Claire Cummings as Vice President of Souvenir Division, Photogenic Inc.

Cherry Hill Programs acquired Photogenic Inc. in 2019. Over the last few years, CHP works to align photography solutions across Souvenir and Holiday divisions. With thirteen years' experience as an employee at Photogenic Inc., Claire has grown through the ranks, earning multiple promotions since her start in 2008. She has excelled at all levels, starting in sales, moving into Human Resources and ultimately, to her leadership position today. Claire’s boots-on-the-ground experience has given her a unique, highly effective perspective that she leverages to create new, strategic initiatives throughout her leadership. Her focus on strategic planning with employee development, client relations, and venue operations has helped unite and elevate Guest and client experiences.

In her new role, Claire will continue to prove invaluable in guiding the future of Photogenic, Cherry Hill Programs’ souvenir division. Claire will work to develop and optimize internal and external initiatives by leading field teams to execute a powerful, magical Guest experience at venues across the United States.

Claire comments, “One of the things I have always loved about working with Photogenic (and now Cherry Hill Programs) is the emphasis on learning and innovation. I’m excited to take on a leadership role in an organization that always aspires to achieve more, and I’m looking forward to exceeding the expectations of both our partners and our Guests.”

As the industry leader, Cherry Hill Programs provides virtual, digital and in-person holiday and souvenir experiences through a combination of proprietary reservation software, innovative technology, and accessible photo download portals. Claire will be integral in continuous advancements that improve company-wide goals, such as professional development. Each program Cherry Hill Programs launches serves to achieve one goal: providing experiential photography solutions that bring magic to every experience.

Steve Craig, CEO of Cherry Hill programs, shares, “Over the last thirteen years, Claire has always impressed us with her leadership, creativity and commitment. Her progression through our ranks gives her a unique and invaluable perspective and vision which she has used to implement impactful growth strategies. She has been essential in inspiring and challenging our souvenir team to elevate each and every experience, making Photogenic Inc the industry leader it is today. I look forward to watching her future contributions!”

Since 2001, the core of Photogenic is creating unique photography solutions for travel and tourism venues across the nation. As Vice President of the Souvenir Division of Cherry Hill Programs, Claire Cummings will work to further Photogenic’s mission: delivering an enhanced Guest experience that elevate their venue clients.


Cherry Hill Programs delivers unforgettable memories, captured with high-resolution digital images that Guests cherish year after year. In partnership with famous landmarks, attractions, signature shopping centers, and hotel destinations across North America, Cherry Hill Programs delivers millions of experiences annually with iconic backdrops and cityscapes as well as authentic holiday traditions with Santa and Bunny for children and families everywhere. Cherry Hill Programs is the industry-leader in experiential photography, providing virtual, digital, and live holiday and souvenir photography experiences in hundreds of venues across North America. Through a combination of proprietary reservation software, innovative technology, accessible photo download portals and complete photography solution implementation from recruiting and training quality holiday characters, local leadership, and field staff - our mission is simple: to bring magic to every experience.

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Cherry Hill Programs was acquired by Keystone Capital in December 2015 and Photogenic Inc. was acquired in May 2019.