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Cherry Hill Programs and Autism Speaks Celebrate 8-Year Partnership Dedicated to Autism Awareness

November 3, 2023. Marlton, NJ — Cherry Hill Programs (CHP), the leader of holiday and experiential photography, continues their partnership with Autism Speaks. CHP demonstrates its commitment to fostering inclusivity and has further supported autistic individuals in reaching their full potential by raising over $1.6 million in support of Autism Speaks since launching their partnership in 2015. This enduring collaboration showcases their genuine commitment to making a positive impact in the autism community.

CHP plays a vital role in fueling Autism Speaks efforts, with 86 cents of every dollar donated to increasing advocacy and support, providing reliable information and resources, and advancing research into needs and better interventions for people across the autism spectrum and throughout their life span. Since its founding, Autism Speaks has provided more than 27 million people with free autism information and resources with the goal of creating a more inclusive world.

"We deeply value Cherry Hill Programs' unwavering commitment to inclusivity for those with autism. Their partnership not only presents a sensory-friendly environment but also provides a unique opportunity for families to forge cherished memories. For many in the autistic community, such events might be the only way to experience the magic of the holidays without overwhelming sensory challenges. We sincerely hope that other businesses take inspiration from this commendable initiative and consider how they too can create equally meaningful experiences for their autistic customers," expressed Jose Dell'Aglio, Senior Director of Nationwide Field Operations at Autism Speaks.

Their charitable collaboration is excited to announce the continuation of their Santa Cares events. Slated to take place across the United States on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Sunday, December 3, 2023, these events offer sensory-friendly Santa Magic photo experiences at hundreds of locations across North America. Additionally, they support Autism Speaks, Inc., a leading voice in autism advocacy and a primary resource for delivering evidence-based solutions tailored to the unique needs of the autistic community.

Santa Cares is a remarkable initiative that offers exclusive access to Santa outside regular venue hours, ensuring an accessible holiday experience for individuals with autism. The events are thoughtfully crafted to minimize sensory triggers by reducing crowd sizes, shortening wait times, and adjusting lighting and music to comfortable levels. Santa and the entire staff are expertly trained to understand and cater to the unique needs of individuals with special needs and their families.

Cherry Hill Programs, known for its memorable Santa Magic photo sessions across the United States and Canada, launched its partnership with Autism Speaks in 2015 with its Bunny Cares initiative. Over the course of 14 seasons, Cherry Hill Programs continues to support Autism Speaks, working toward a fundraising goal of $250k between the Santa and Bunny holiday photo initiatives for the 2024 season.

"At Cherry Hill Programs, we believe in creating moments that are accessible and memorable for everyone. Recognizing the challenges many autistic individuals face, especially during the bustling holiday season, has motivated us to craft these unique Santa Cares events. It's heartwarming to know we're offering a space where everyone can experience the joy of the holidays. We're hopeful that our efforts set a precedent, encouraging other businesses to think with innovation about inclusivity in their own offerings," shared Chris Landtroop, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Cherry Hill Programs.

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Autism Speaks is dedicated to creating an inclusive world for all individuals with autism throughout their lifespan. We do this through advocacy, services, supports, research and innovation, and advances in care for autistic individuals and their families. To find resources, join an event or make a donation, go to Learn more by following @AutismSpeaks on Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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