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JibJab Animates Cherry Hill Programs’ Santa Experience with “My Santa Wish List”

Santa Claus, his guests, and play starring roles

(November 26, 2019) - As part of a new collaboration with Cherry Hill Programs, JibJab has created this free Holiday Ecard sharing the story of two merry guests who can’t wait for their annual visit with Santa Claus. It captures the excitement of Wish Lists and photo memories that are cherished long after the season ends. The Ecard, My Santa Wish List delivers this free story complete with hilarious animated graphics and a catchy custom tune: My Santa Wish List.


It’s finally here, it’s Christmas. So I gotta tell Santa my wish list.
Up the escalator, no time for stairs. Past the bakery with yummy eclairs.
Skate across the fountain and high-prance in line.
Then I’m counting down the seconds ‘til the chance is mine.
To share my wish list with Santa, I’ve been waiting all year.
Then take my photo with Santa, smile from ear to ear.

My Santa Wish List is featured in JibJab’s library of Ecards on and mobile app for iPhone and Android. Create and share your own My Santa Wish List Ecard from

Throughout the holiday season Cherry Hill Programs will promote this Holiday Ecard to its guests and customers across its digital platform including and

This content partnership leverages the synergies between Cherry Hill Programs and JibJab, two entertainment brands that focus on content creation and creating memorable experiences that can be shared with friends and family.

“For 60 years Cherry Hill Programs has been the industry-leader in experiential holiday photography,” said Ruth Rosenquist, Cherry Hill Programs’ director of marketing and public relations. “Now Santa’s guests have a merry new way to share photos from their visit with Santa. And, JibJab has a fun new Ecard that encourages friends and family to be merry!”

About JibJab

JibJab creates content and tools that help people be funny in their digital lives. From its flagship JibJab Ecards, Music Videos, and GIFs, the company has been pioneering new forms of digital fun since its founding by two brothers in a Brooklyn garage in 1999. Now based in Los Angeles, California, the studio is home to world-class artists, technologists and business people working hard in pursuit of their mission to make “billions of people happy.”

About Cherry Hill Programs

Cherry Hill Programs represents 58 years of experience and thought leadership from the most respected pioneer in the experiential photo industry. They bring the magic with authentic Santas for the young and young-at-heart. Cherry Hill Programs operates in hundreds of premier retail and resort venues across the U.S. and Canada during the Christmas and Easter season, utilizing innovative technology and authentic characters. Delivering a magical experience. Every time. Visit to find a Cherry Hill Programs Santa near you.


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